Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Lowther Road / Hilton Lane Junction updates

A number of local residents have asked us to look into the safety of Lowther Road, where the road narrows towards St Ann's Road. After talking to the Council, they have agreed to install some yellow-backed safety signs advising drivers of the narrowing road. They will also encourage slower speeds and hopefully lower the risk of accidents at that spot. So that is good news. The signs should be installed in the next 6-8 weeks.

Also today, the Council got in touch with us regarding the Hilton Lane / Bury New Road / Schole Lane junction. SOme time ago we presented them with a petition signed by nearly 500 local people concerned about junction safety and calling for pedestiran facilities. The Council today got back to us to tell us that Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control Unit (GMUTC) have already been requested to investigate the feasibility of providing pedestrian facilities at this junction. GMUTC are based in Manchester and maintain and operate the traffic signals in the borough on the Council’s behalf.

GMUTC have already completed modelling work for the feasibility of introducing pedestrian facilities at the junction and are currently involved with detailed design work to assess the potential costs required to introduce such a scheme. Once this work has been completed then the Council will be able to evaluate whether the work required to provide push button pedestrian facilities at this junction could be funded in the short term or whether it looks more like a medium to long term proposition due to the monies required.

So, perhaps some success here too.

Which just goes to show, given time and effort problems can be sorted. It makes me proud to have been involved so far, and I will keep on working to ensure that the improvements continue and are put in place.


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