Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Metrolink news update

Some news from GMPTE today about the Metrolink track renewals. I think we're all of one mind that the tracks need replacing, but how Metrolink, GMPTE and the Bury Labour Council are going about informing residents is very shoddy. HEre's what the website says:

"Metrolink bus replacement services

Replacement buses will run throughout the upgrade. Some buses will call at all Metrolink stops and others will only call at limited stops to provide a faster service to and from Manchester City Centre.

Replacement services from Bury, starting on 29 May, will generally start before 05:45 am, Monday to Saturday and 07:00 am on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Replacement services from Altrincham, starting on 2 July, will generally start from 05:30 am Monday to Saturday and 06:35 am on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
Services in the opposite direction will follow a similar timetable.

Depending on the route and time of day, journey times will be between approximately 40 minutes and an hour for the trip between the city centre and Bury or Altrincham.

Detailed service information will be available before work starts and this will include details on where to catch buses."

This limited information is an improvement on what was there before. But it is still far too little to enable local people to make an informed choice about working and travel arangements. No mention of price, likely frequency of direct services to and from Prestwich, or other variations on route. Nothing on freqency of services at all in fact. How often will the buses go, and from where?

I know it says that detailed information will come nearer the time, but the closure is now only a few weeks away. Come on GMPTE! Sort it out!

I have asked on a number of occasions for more information, but none has been forthcoming. Again it seems like the people of Prestwich are being considered as an afterthought, and it just isn't good enough.

I will keep pressing for more info.


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