Tuesday, April 03, 2007


National Local Campaigning!

Bury Lib Dems are busy across the Borough with the Local Election campaign, and today the national party officially launched the campaign across the country. Election day is now only a month away, and whilst the focus of this blog is on St Mary’s Ward and Prestwich, Sir Ming Campbell and the Lib Dems today gave us all some fantastic reminders of the successes that Liberal Democrats in town halls up and down England have enjoyed.

Liberal Democrat Councils nationwide are putting in place practical measures to cut crime and tackle the issue of climate change while giving power back to local communities.For instance, in Liverpool the Liberal Democrat council has slashed domestic burglary by 24%. In Newcastle the Liberal Democrat council has cut violent crime by 12%, after it doubled under Labour's control. In Islington, a Liberal Democrat council has reduced anti-social behaviour through the innovative use of anti-social behaviour contracts. The Lib Dems crime policy is working in communities across the land. It can work in Prestwich too.

The Liberal Democrat Green Tax Switch proposals would move the burden of national tax away from people and towards pollution. The money raised would then be used to cut national income tax for millions of low and middle income earners. At a local level, Liberal Democrats are coming good on their green promises and working for a better environment for local people. Waverley Council has increased recycling rates from 14% under the Conservatives to 40% under the Liberal Democrats. Cornwall County Council has formed a Sustainable Energy Partnership, which has set challenging targets for renewable energy. Richmond upon Thames has implemented groundbreaking parking charges to ensure that residents in controlled parking zones pay for their permits based on the CO2 emissions of their vehicles. And of course right here in Bury, the Blue Bin Budget proposal put forward by the Liberal Democrats means that 28,000 homes in the Borough will receive recycling bins years ahead of schedule.

Tony Blair's Labour Government is the most centralising and authoritarian government of the modern era. Liberal Democrats champion local governance and want to restore power to local people. David Cameron’s Conservative’s seem to have learnt all the wrong lessons about soundbites and spin from Mr Blair. They have no credible policies for communities. We are clear where we stand on crime, the environment, and community governance for local people all over the country, including Bury.

Yet more good reasons to vote Liberal Democrat on May 3rd.


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