Wednesday, April 25, 2007



Monday night was our first experience of the year of canvassing in the rain. I forgot my umbrella and had to borrow one from Cllr D'Albert, but managed to acquire one that was completely beyond control, which couldn't be tamed no matter how hard I tried. Thus I abandoned the early policy of trying to handle it, a clipboard, some leaflets, and myself all in one go, and decided to drip onto people's doorsteps instead.

Some interesting issues as we canvassed the Agecroft Road West area. A big topic at the moment around there is obviously the proposed Children's Centre at Butterstile Primary School (where I am also a governor), with a lot of local people unsure about the plans and angry that they haven't been consulted. Let me be clear on this - the Children's Centre has not received planning permission, and local residents will be consulted as part of the planning process. The reason that there has been scant consultation yet on this is because the process is at a very early stage. When it comes to the planning decision, I will be liaising with residents to make sure that we come to a solution where everyone is happy. It isn't a done deal by any stretch of the imagination, and there are a number of issues which will be given urgent attention when the time comes - including increased traffic and parking problems. There is no way local Lib Dems will allow this to go through on the nod, and to be honest I don't think anyone involved in the proposals wants that either.

The rain held off last night, and we got some good canvassing done before the United match, which I watched whilst stuffing envelopes with election Focus leaflets. I know "luxury" apartments get a bad press for a number of reasons (their architectural dullness, their ubiquity, their outrageously high prices, their lack of parking etc etc), and I am sceptical of them like a lot of people are - but one reason that I don't hear very often why they should be carefully considered before being built is because they're an absolute pain to leaflet! all these sensor-fobs and security doors mean we have to use the Royal Mail, which means stuffing and stamps! Not good at all!


PS - this post should have gone up last night, but my internet is playing up again!

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