Monday, April 16, 2007


Office moves and activities elsewhere

A return to work this morning, and the new office-layout that sees twenty of us squeezed into a space fit for about eight, and where twelve were before. Such are the joys of working in the public sector.

I have lost the view from my desk – one which had me staring at the Welsh hills on a clear day, with a panorama of Manchester on the way. In its place I have a pillar and a view of a concrete brutalist hotel. Our desks have also shrunk to accommodate the new people. Where once I could have strewn papers from one wall to the other, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t interfere with anyone, now I am hemmed in. Oh, the injustice.

Such stresses, combined with the ongoing saga of my inability to sell my flat, could make the prospect of relentless campaigning somewhat less appealing. However, I really do enjoy it, and the more people I speak to on the doorstep and on the street, the more I know that our message seems to be getting through.

Canvassing again tonight sees us out in Prestwich meeting more people ahead of polling day (now just 17 days away!). In addition to that, I am going to see a couple of residents we met last week about their issues, and informing them of the progress we’ve made since. Topics range from traffic calming to disabled parking to litter, and I can update the blog about it tomorrow too!


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