Monday, April 02, 2007


Passover Bin Collection is Welcome

I know that Bury Labour sometimes come in for criticism on my blog, but I like to think that I only offer criticism where I think it is merited and where the Lib Dems have alternative policies that I think are better. I also like to think that when Labour do good things, I’ll let people know about them as well.

So I’d like to congratulate Ivan Lewis MP on making sure once again that many local people, particularly in Sedgley ward, have been offered the chance of an additional bin collection this week due to the extra waste generated in the pre-Passover clean-up. This initiative is very helpful to members of the Jewish community locally at this important time, and can make the streets look a lot cleaner! The extra collection is something I fully support, and it’s a good sign of close working between community politicians and the community itself. So well done.


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