Saturday, April 07, 2007


Pink Chicken

Yesterday was a fine day. As well as leafleting a substantial part of St Mary's as a group, I myself spent much of the day with friends enjoying the sunshine.

A couple of people had got over-excited at the appearance of the sun, and organised barbecues, to which I was invited. I enjoy playing potentially lethal games involving barely-cooked meat, so I ate lots at both of these occasions. Sadly however, although the sun did shine, it wasn't long before everyone present remembered that it was April and it was Manchester, and it was freezing. There's something not entirely necessary about standing shivering in a back garden looking at coals when central heating and ovens and sofas were invented by kind people just to avoid this kind of thing.

Today there's lot more leafleting of course, as we look to cover more of St Mary's with the first election Focus. So if you're out in the sunshine enjoying the day, look out for us!


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