Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Razorlight, Sunshine and Canvassing

Last night I took some time out from the campaign to go and see Razorlight at the MEN Arena. I think I need to reconsider my career choices and try to make it in the “rock star” game. Any group of people who can get 20,000 others to pay £25 each to watch them for an hour have my respect. Yes, they put on a good show while it lasted, but given that they didn’t emerge on stage until 21.35, leaving again at 22.40 seemed a bit cheeky. All that separates me from them though is musical talent, charisma and some band mates. Maybe once the campaign is over I will try to get somewhere in making that up…

Tonight I am casting aside rock-star envy and am back out canvassing in St Mary’s, identifying our supporters and speaking to local people. It looks like a fine evening out, so at least I won’t have to contend with wind and rain. Maybe the summer’s evening will also mean that people won’t be settling down all snug and warm in front of the TV at the precise moment that I knock on their door. This seems to happen quite frequently, and sometimes I see through the window the chaos I cause as cushions are strewn over floors, cats are slung from laps, and TV dinners are flung out into the middle of rooms when people get up to answer the door. To these people (and cats) I can only apologise for the disruption, but promise that it will hopefully be worth it in the long-run!

Today the nominations for the local elections closed and the polling notices for Bury were released. The three candidates in St Mary’s ward are Richard Baum for the Liberal Democrats Focus Team (that’s me), Keith Grime for the Labour Party, and Stephen Morris for the Conservative Party. No matter which of us wins, I hope it’s a campaign free of the negativity of past years, and one that is fought fairly and based on issues that matter to the people of the ward. That’s what this blog is about, and I think it will serve to make this year’s campaign the first ever where there are daily updates for voters and a real opportunity to communicate with a candidate. I will answer any questions people have, and look forward to talking to as many of you on this site and my Facebook campaign page as possible.


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