Friday, April 27, 2007



The final weekend of the campaign is nearly upon us, and thanks to the twin effects of el-nino and global warming, it’s going to be a fine one. Short term gain (perfect weather for leafleting) but long term pain (what’s that crashing sound? Oh, an iceberg melting… Are anyone else’s feet getting wet?) I feel.

This weekend sees the next Election Focus deliveries, as we continue talking to the people of Prestwich about the issues that matter to them. As we’ve canvassed these last weeks, several issues have been brought up again and again:

- The Retreat – How have Labour got away with allowing it to be barricaded for so long? It is a disgrace, an eyesore, and local people are fed up with it. They’re happy that it is at long last going to come down thanks to the Lib Dem controlled Prestwich Area Board

- Closing Public Services – There has been a huge tide of anger that Labour are still standing idly by whilst threats loom to close down our hospitals and post offices. Lib Dems have campaigned to save both, hot on the heels of our successful campaign to save Prestwich Arts College last year. Another disastrous Labour plan which ignored local wishes.

- Action and Service all year round. Lib Dems keep in touch all through the year. Focus leaflets every 4-6 weeks to every house in St Mary’s. don’t be fooled by Labour’s efforts in the past couple of weeks. A single glossy leaflet and a scrap of A4 paper through the door doesn’t make up for 11 months of silence. Cllr Donal O’Hanlon and I have worked all year on big issues like the ones above, and the little things that really matter to local people like street-lights, missing bins and broken pavements. Labour raise taxes and cut services, but we are there to help all year round.

There’s under a week until polling day now. If you want to discuss any of the issues in this election, please get in touch.


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