Friday, April 06, 2007


Sun-shiny day

Great weather outside for the bank holiday, which is fabulous news for all concerned I think. Especially those of us whose hundreds of leaflets get ruined when it rains. Today we have begun leafleting St Mary's with the first official election Focus, as well as a letter from me to local people explaining why I'm running.

The letter won't be full of surprises to readers of the blog - issues like Labour's failure on Prestwich Arts College, the Retreat, traffic problems etc have made me see that they are failing in Prestwich. And I've been talking about them on here for months.

The Lib Dems were the only party to campaign to keep Prestwich Arts College open. We were the only party to force movement on the Retreat, and we have kept the pressure on to improve traffic. And it's working. PAC is no longer threatened with closure. Most of the barriers on the Retreat have been taken down, and the rest will soon follow when it is renovated. And the traffic lights through Prestwich Village are now properly synchronised at last.

We listened to residents and fought their corner over Tulle Court. Labour did the opposite. We campaigned to stop the closure of ward 30 at Fairfield. The closure was a Labour government plan! And as for the Conservatives... They were a distant third here last time, and have barely come up with a policy since. Voting for them won't change a thing in St Mary's.

So if you get a letter through the door during this sunny weekend, give it a read and see what you think. If you have any questions then drop me a line and I'll try to answer them. Hopefully the letter will say more about why I'm standing with the Lib Dems here, and help you make a more informed choice on election day on May 3rd.

In the meantime, I'm off out to enjoy the sunshine!


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