Monday, April 30, 2007


Three (things to compare Lib Dems and Labour in Prestwich)

1) The Retreat - The Retreat art feature was built when Labour controlled both the Council and Prestwich Area Board. It fell into disrepair on their watch, and the people of Prestwich said they wanted rid of it. Now, Lib Dems control Prestwich Area Board, and after a campaign of pressure led by us through our Focus newsletters, action will be taken in the coming months to knock it down and replace it with something better.

Labour did nothing - Lib Dems took action.

2) Prestwich Arts College - Labour Councillors in St Mary's wanted to close our popular and successful local school. The Lib Dems were the only party to campaign to stop the closure. The only party. I joined fellow local Lib Dems at meetings and protest marches across the Borough, and they worked. Prestwich Arts College remains open.

Labour wanted to close your school - Lib Dems stopped the closure.

3) Recycling - Labour claim to be the party of the environment, but were happy to leave most of Prestwich (and 28,000 homes across Bury) without blue recycling bins for up to three years. Lib Dems insisted that this policy was reversed, and lobbied hard for blue bins for everyone. Labour caved in, and by the SUmmer every house in Bury will have one.

Labour did nothing - Lib Dems took action.

So the choice is clear for Thursday - more Labour closures and hesitation and mis-management, or a Lib Dem team that consistently gets things done for Prestwich, all year round.


It would be great if you had an email address for contacting you. The one I found elsewhere on the internet just gave me an auto-reply.
Good luck for Thursday, Richard.
Thanks for all the good luck messages. I will let all the readers know how it goes as soon as I can - although ongoing dramas with Orange Broadband mean I may have to rely on libraries to access the web!

My email address is, but there is an out-of-office reply at the moment because I am out delivering leaflets so much! I will be back properly next week (regardless of result!)

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