Sunday, April 22, 2007


Use your postal vote!

Those local residents you elect to vote by post will be receiving their postal votes in the next few days. They can be returned any time up until polling day itself (although they have to ARRIVE by polling day, so if you fill it in late, make sure you hand it in in person at the polling station - don't post it on polling day). I have written to all postal voters explaning the reasons why a Lib Dem vote makes sense in these elections. I am excited avbout the potential to join Cllr Donal O'Hanlon on the Council and make a real difference to Prestwich. Donal has achieved a great deal this year - action on the Retreat, defeating the school closure proposals, securing blue recycing bins for all - and I have enjoyed being part of his team in St Mary's. For years Labour have let Prestwich down, but the Lib Dems have started to change things now, and I am excited by the prospect of joining Donal in the future. There'll be lots more about that in the coming days as the election gets closer, but for now, if you have a postal vote, don't forget to use it!


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