Tuesday, May 15, 2007


AGM and Tulle Court

Last night was the second part of our Group AGM, where we gave thought to which of the other Council and outside bodies various Councillors will sit on in the coming Municipal year. After that it was a meeting of the local party Exec, where we updated the membership on the ups and downs of the campaign, and the latest goings-on in the party in terms of fundraising, membership and associated things like that.

Prior to that meeting, I met with a couple of local people to talk about Tulle Court. Since the controversial planning decision a couple of months ago, not much has happened, but all of a sudden the site has now been fenced off, and a lot of local people are worried about possible construction issues and noise. So I have penned a letter to the developers and started talking to the Council to try and get answers to some of the questions raised. The development is a massive issue for local people, and has the potential to be a huge bonus to the local area when it’s done – removing a blot from the landscape. But let’s hope that the construction work is as good for the residents as the end product.


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