Thursday, May 24, 2007


Casework and football

Today I have begun working with Councillor colleagues and officers of the Council to address some of the issues I picked up at the street surgery the other night. A lot of them are to do with highways – cracked pavements and the like, so I have been in touch with the Highways people to see what we can do. I have also been in contact with a local resident to try and organise a meeting between me, her, her neighbours and the Council about closing off a troublesome alleyway. So hopefully we can see some movement there. I do wish things would happen quicker though. I feel like I've let residents down if I can't get back to them quickly with a resolution - but by the time I find an hour to get in touch with the Council, and b the time they respond, and by the time we've clarified what it is we actually want, weeks can go past. It's frustrating.

I missed the football last night, having decided to go out for dinner instead. The UEFA Sony Playstation Ford S-Max Canon Disneyland Champions £££££ League Grand Final Superbowl doesn't hold that much of a draw for me these days - not like the European Cup finals of a few years back. I caught the last ten minutes, which meant that I saw two of the three goals, so my luck was in there, unlike the FA Cup Final the other day which was seventy four times more boring than sitting watching a stalactite form in a cave.

I must say that club football bores me these days. International football is interesting in theory, although deathly dull in practice. But club football is as tedious as it is predicatble. I can't remember the last time something truly unexpected happened in the worl dof club football. The fact that Steve Sidwell, a fantastic young British talent, gives up on a club he's taken to their most glorious days, to join several other young British talents (Bridge / SWP etc) on Chelsea's bench on £60,000 a week is testament to all that's wrong with the game today.

As a Bury fan there’s not much to look forward to year-in, year-out, other than maybe a cup tie somewhere glamorous. Morecambe away in February isn't going to tempt me to shell out £15 to go, I'm afraid. And the top four are so far above everyone else that it barely seems worth anyone else bothering. People may accuse me of harking back to days gone by, but I think safe terracing and some kind of limit on foreign players would be a boon for the game. At the moment, squads change from one collection of multi-millionaires to the next so quickly that I lose track, and the corporate suits render stadia utterly devoid of atmosphere. I simply didn’t care who won last night, and I think that’s sad.


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