Friday, May 04, 2007


Duly Elected

So, after weeks of hard campaigning, and a year of big issues across the ward, the people of St Mary's put their faith in us yesterday. I am immensely grateful to everyone who voted, and all those who helped in the campaign - Councillors, friends and family, community volunteers, neighbours and others who gave their free time to help us over the last few weeks.

I haven't slept much for the last few nights - these last days have been hectic to say the least. My tiredness, combined with the woeful ineptitude of Orange Broadband who STILL haven't fixed my PC at home (I am at the library typing this) mean that I will keep off the blog for a few days now I suspect. Full tributes and a reflection on the events of the count will come in due course, when I am not nodding off in front of the screen like now.

And I will be back next week with the usual daily postings, and look forward to keeping in touch with you all through the blog as your new local Councillor. It is an immense privilege to serve, and I want to re-pay the faith you've shown in me.


Well done Richard!

One of the labour leaflets suggested that "fair minded" people could read the credentials on the reverse of the leaflet and make their mind up. I noted that the labour candidate had credentials such as "school governor" but they hadn't bothered listing your equivalent credentials: Anyone who was "fair minded" would realise labour were being far from fair minded and rather deceptive - seems to be Labour policy these days!

The Tory leaflet quoted the labour one as saying that "Lib Dems" had no chance of taking over the council so a vote for them was wasted. If being elected as a minority has no value then why don't a mass of labour councillors in Tory/Lib Dem councils across the country resign?! And seeing as the Tories agree so much as to quote labour on that, then why don't they do the same?!

I wish you well and hope that you continue to listen to the people who elected you, representing them - and those who didn't elect you - for the benefit of us all!
Congratulations, nice to see that my vote helped :>
Thanks Vlad - very glad of your support! It's remarkable to think that so many people gave us their votes. It's quite humbling, in fact.

And thanks for your comment too Jas. When it comes to leaflets, from all parties, I try to focus on the positive messages, and don’t especially like the tactical efforts either. But I have to remember that these leaflets go to thousands of people, with loads of different viewpoints, and that one of the main aims of the leaflets is to get votes. Some people I meet say they will “always vote” for one party or another, or “never vote” for someone, so tactical messages work better for these people than anything about policy. Conversely, there are people who respond more to practical stories in leaflets than anything ideological.

Sometimes I get annoyed by what I read in opposition leaflets, and I imagine the opposition get annoyed at mine too. But anything in them is never done maliciously. I can’t say that I recall the exact leaflets you refer to, but I don’t think either of my opponents were being malicious in what they were doing. The Labour team probably thought (rightly) that we would be pressing my credentials, so saw no need to do it themselves. I must say though that I don’t agree with the idea of any votes being wasted, no matter how they’re cast. Of course we will try and remind supporters of less popular parties that they may do better voting for us if they really don’t want to see their political enemies elected. But even if they ignore that advice then their vote is far from wasted.

Congratulations Richard - I had no doubt whatsoever about your impending victory, and that was just from reading your blog!

Well done indeed.
Thanks Joe - I wish I'd shared your confidence (and the confidence of others who said they were sure long in advance that I'd win!). The count was a nerve-wracking experience, but thankfully it went the right way. Now for the hard work...
Hi Richard,

You were being very generous to Keith Grime in that post! What I failed to explain was that their leaflet had a list of his credentials AND a list of yours! - Guess what yours were (if I remember correctly) "New to area" and "inexperienced"
Well you can start gaining that councillor experience now can't you - and all the best with it!
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