Monday, May 14, 2007


A Grand Day Out, in The Wrong Trousers

Yesterday was the second annual Prestwich Clough Day. Last year was the 100th anniversary of the Clough, and we had a fabulous day celebrating local groups and people who contribute so much to the community and the outdoor life in Prestwich. Someone suggested that we make it an annual event, which prompted some smart-alec (me) to remark jokingly that you can't celebrate something's 100th birthday more than once. Thankfully I was ignored, and yesterday we celebrated the one hundred and first birthday of the Clough! It's one of the undoubted treasures of the Borough of Bury, and it's a privilege to have it in St Mary's ward!

It was an excellent turnout again, with stalls from countryside groups, friends of local parks, local artists and groups like PADOS who mean so much to local people. I enjoyed wandering round meeting lots of local people, and enjoying the sights like birds of prey from the falconry team, and the brass band playing. I enjoyed a great organic burger from the Fetish for Food barbecue, and then, as the rain started turning the grass to mud, I began to regret wearing light coloured trousers, and retreated to The Church Inn.

At The Church there was some great musical entertainment - bagpipes, morris dancing and folk music carrying on despite the downpours. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon with a drink, good people and good music. And all in the company of The Mayor, who was a very welcome guest of honour.

It was a very successful day - hopefully the second of many celebrations of Prestwich life and the Clough. My sincere thanks to all those involved in its organisation, and to those who gave up their time to be there manning stalls yesterday. Also to The Church Inn and their folk festival performers, and to all those who came to visit and make the day a success.


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