Monday, May 21, 2007


No internet leaves me irritated

Obviously my internet at home is no longer working. The weekend's flurry of activity was just a flash in the Orange pan. We are back to square one with them now, and I return to my look of casual acceptance, with occasional head-shaking. Unfortunately I am not being helped by Bury council, who are still to provide me with an email address or IT facilities to answer constituent issues. So blogging at work is my only way of contacting people, which isn't really good enough. I am trying to rectify the problem with the Council. As for Orange, I may as well just carry on staring at the modem and sending it positive thoughts.

My legs ache today after yesterday's exertions, but I am sat at my desk at work, so I don't feel it most of the time. It only affects me when I get up from my chair. It's like the opposite of being drunk. After half a bottle of wine, getting up suddenly brings about light-headedness and a feeling of joyous abandon. Right now, after 10 kilometres of Mancunian street, getting up heralds feelings of heavy-leggedness and pain, as I try to drag my malfunctioning limbs across the office to join the rest of me.

Tonight is a meeting of the Lib Dem council group, as we reflect on events since the election and look forward to the future. After that I am going to see a local resident about an issue he has (not sure what yet!), and if my legs are still carrying me at that point, I shall give them a well-earned rest!


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