Wednesday, May 02, 2007


One (day left to change the future of Prestwich)

Tomorrow is election day - the day YOU can change the future of Prestwich. Don't forget to vote, and think about how you want the future of Prestwich to be. Do you want four more years of shrinking services, potential school closures, increasing taxes, increasing traffic and Councillors caring more about staying in power than answering residents' concerns? Or do you want another hard working Lib Dem councillor to stand up for what you want? In the last year we've given what local people have asked for on recycling, schools, traffic and parking. Let's keep that going for the next four years.

Politicians make lots of promises, but I think that only one counts. For the last year I've worked hard for the people of St Mary's, getting involved in campaigns supporting residents on issues both big and small - from Save our Schools to fixing lamp-posts. And I promise that I'll carry on. I promise I'll keep you informed every few weeks through Focus, and pretty much every day through this blog. And I promise I'll try my best for the town I've lived in my whole life. And I'm asking for your support tomorrow.

Now's the time. Stand with us. V ote Liberal Democrat tomorrow for a brighter future for Prestwich.


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