Monday, May 14, 2007


Quiche etiquette

Saturday night was the annual Lib Dem post election party, which thankfully for the last few years has been a time of celebration, rather than bitter recriminations / evil and revengeful plotting / tears and sadness. This time of course we had a triple celebration, as we thanked all the leafleters, envelope stuffers and volunteers who helped elect me, Steve Wright in Sedgley, and Wilf Davison in Holyrood.

A detailed list of provisions was drawn up, and each Councillor was allocated one type of food / drink to bring. I landed on the "quiche" space, and so had to bring that. I am not a fan of quiche, so had no real idea of quich etiquette - how much quich is it acceptable for one person to eat? If I brought one quiche, would it be chopped up into enough tiny pieces? Or is one whole quiche just right for one person? What type of quiche is favoured amongst polite company? I'd hate to bring one with brocolli on it, only to be laughed out of the room... How does one store and prepare a quiche? Is there a particular quiche manufacturer famed for making superior / rubbish quiches, and which I should use / avoid at all costs? Such were the debates raging in my head as I traipsed around ASDA. I didn't want to become the first Lib Dem to be expelled from the party for bringing the wrong type of quiche. The last thing we need right now is a by-election.

In the end I plumped for the old maxim, that my dear old Grandma was so fond of saying, that "you can't turn up at a Lib Dem post election party with too much quiche." So I arrived carrying six boxes, in a bewildering array of flavours, and plonked them with a heavy thud on the table. In case I'd made a quiche-related faux pas, I also brought a sizeable case of lager, and some Twix fingers on special offer. And thankfully I seemed to have brought enough to enjoy the party without a guilty conscience.

Although apparently Cllr D'Albert now has several tonnes of spare quiche, if anyone is interested.


The basic thing about real Quiche is - no cheese. A real Quiche has cream, onions and bacon. And some people leave out the bacon.
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