Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Street Surgeries tonight - Performance-arama this afternoon

Tonight I am back out on the streets of St Mary’s with street surgeries three and four. After the success of numbers one and two last week, tonight I am at the junction of Butterstile Lane and Venwood Road between 19.00 and 1945, then travelling to the corner of Carr Avenue and Cawley Avenue between 20.00 and 20.45. If you want to say hello or have any issues you'd like us to have a look at, please come on down.

All this assumes of course that the rain holds off. It’s been pouring this morning in Oldham where I work, so hopefully nothing will come between us tonight in the form of a liquid deluge! If it's lashing it down I will have to take shelter in my car. Or, more likely, my house.

Before all that though, I am meeting with the Council officer leading on performance improvement this afternoon. In my role as the Lib Dem spokesperson for the Finance scrutiny I am getting up to speed with the agenda in this particular field, and one of the main areas of interest is Council performance – performance indicators, business planning and the like.

Although all this doubtless sounds about as interesting as being forced to watch a ten ton block of ice slowly melt in front of a weak radiator, it is my bread and butter and it’ll be great to understand how Bury are doing. Hopefully the fact that I know what I’m talking about (supposedly) will help us all get to where we want to be.

The big question that no one has answered is that if there was no deal or arrangement why did the tory council give both of the places on the GMPTA to the LDs? As you say you're the smallest party so you have no democratic right to them. Clearly some kind of arrangement is in place.


There really was no deal. The Lib Dems abstained at the Council meeting and let the largest group, as voted for by the people of bury, take control. The alternative would have been not to abstain, but to have voted with Labour and ignored the wishes of the people of Bury and let Labour keep control of the Council. We wanted to remain independent, so backed neither party. We are still independent of both, and back neither. This is the same arrangement as last year, although then the largest party were Labour. We abstained then too, letting them keep control.

The Tories made a formal gesture by giving us the two PTA places. These places aren't elected, and it's up to the ruling group how they choose to allocate them. There was no deal, and these places weren't used to get our support. We didn't give the Tories our support! We abstained!
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