Saturday, June 23, 2007


Brum and Back

I have just returned from Birmingham, where I put in a flying appearance at the Lib Dem Local Government Conference at the ICC. Cllrs D'Albert, Andrew Garner and Pickstone were there from the Bury contingent, as well as me, although they were all there for the whole day whereas I turned up specifically for one hour session. I didn't drive all that way and back just for an hour though - I did meet up with a few Lib Dems from around the place whom I only ever seem to see at events like these, and I took the opportunity of a visit to my old University town to say hello to a couple of mates who live down there even to this day!

Now I am very tired though - last night was a late one, and this morning I got out of bed having enjoyed nowhere near the necessary amount of sleep! I shall make up for it this evening I think.


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