Thursday, June 28, 2007


Creative Industries and Creative Arguments!

Last night at Council my question to the Leader regarding the future of threatened creative industries was well answered. So thanks to the Executive for that. It seems as if the desire to save these businesses is shared across the Council, even if there seems to be little being done to actually save them! I asked a supplementary question seeking assurances that more work will be done to stop these business people losing their livelihoods whilst the proposed refurbishment of their building makes them homeless, and I was assured that efforts are being made to sort out ther problem positively.

Unfortunately, such positive noises weren't made by the other two parties on congestion charges. They did not support the Lib Dem motion rejecting the current congestion charging proposals for Greater Manchester. As you will know, we think they're unfair, not green enough, ill thought-out and not right for Bury. And last night was the chance for the Council to take a lead and say so. The Lib Dems did that, but were voted down. Instead, we will debate the issue again in the future, after the end of a consultation process which is deeply flawed. Since this proposal was better than nothing, we voted for this after our own motion was defeated. But rest assured we will stick to our guns and oppose this particular scheme when the debate comes round again.


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