Monday, June 18, 2007


Fun at Prestwich Carnival

Yesterday was a very successful Prestwich Carnival. Thousands turned up, and one notable absentee was the rain, thankfully! It was a very well run event, attracting people from miles around to Prestwich. My congratulations to all those involved in the organisation. Well done and thanks too to all the performers, stall-holders and helpers who ensured that there was a massive variety of things to do to keep the crowds entertained. Thousands of pounds were raised for charity, and many young people from around the Borough had the chance to perform for the public, whether they be singers, dancers or sportspeople. There was fun and frolics galore with the fair ground attractions, and plenty for mums and dads too with stalls and a beer tent! Another successful year, which means next year will be even more of a challenge to beat this one! It's a chellenge we'll meet though, I'm sure.

Local Lib Dems were out in force, as this picture of me demostrates - here I am collecting money for charity and selling programmes. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon out with the local community.


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