Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Let down by the Tories on the PTA

Friday's meeting of the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority saw a deal between the Labour and Conservative Parties to keep the pro-charging LabourParty in power on Greater Manchester's Passenger Transport Authority. This is absolute madness!

With no party in a majority on GMPTA, the tiny 5 member Tory Group allowed Labour to take charge for 2007/8 at last Friday's Annual Meeting. What did the Tories gain? The Deputy Chair of the Bus Shelters Sub Committee and the Chair of the Audit Committee!

Labour lost control of the Passenger Transport Authority in the elections on 3 May. It was a real opportunity to replace the people in charge of tranport with people with some common sense to deal with these congestion charge proposals. In entering into this bizarre alliance with Labour, Conservatives have let down the people of GreaterManchester.

Bury's two seats on the PTA are taken up by Lib Dems (one of whom is me), and we will continue to fight for common sense and positive policies for Greater Manchester, in the face of this unholy alliance.


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