Wednesday, June 13, 2007


meetings and glasses

This afternoon I am attending the summer meeting of the goverining body of Butterstile Primary School. The last meeting took place in the middle of the campaign, and like the idiot I sometimes am I managed to turn up exactly 24 hours late, to the bafflement of many of the staff there. Today I have double checked that it is indeed the right day, so hopefully I can achieve something more useful than just turning round and going home this time.

And then after that I am meeting a local resident about an issue with football pitches for his amateur team. I am going to look at the pitch concerned and see exactly what the issue is around changing facilities.

Right now though I am going to go to Specsavers and investigate the possibility of taking advantage of their 2-4-1 offer on glasses. I need a new pair, and am not going to make the mistake of getting reactions lenses this time - I am sick and tired of having sunglasses on every time I step into the open air for a second. It makes me look like a gangster - something which didn't always go down well on the doorstep during the campaign!


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