Monday, June 04, 2007


Monday morning

The weekend just gone was another busy one on the leafleting front, as we continued our Prestwich-wide "Thank-you"leaflet distribution. Everyone in St Mary's should have got one now, more or less, so on Saturday afternoon I started putting pen to paper on the new edition of Focus. Well, less "pen to paper" and more "Ariel font to blank MS Word document," but the former sounds more romantic.

This morning I turned up at the office super early, only to discover that my entire team was here already, having turned up in more superly early than me. There's not been a more disappointing feeling for quite some time...

Tamsin has returned from Rome, bearing a Roma t-shirt as a present, and leaving me open to jibes about "7-1" from any passing Man Utd fans. The effort of informing them that I'm not a fan, merely a present-wearer, isn't really worth it, so I don't.

It looks like another busy week ahead. As well as work, I have my first Scrunity meeting on Wednesday evening. On Tuesday I am meeting a prospective member to talk about how he can help with the party in Prestwich. And on Thursday I am going to The Woodthorpe pub to attend a talk hosted by Chris Davies MEP.


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