Friday, June 15, 2007


New Facebook Group - and Prestwich Carnival this weekend

Fellow Facebookers can now interact even easier with the Bury Lib Dems, thanks to our new group on the Facebook site. Just join up and search for Bury Lib Dems, and you can join Councillors and supporters to discuss the issues, say hello and give us your thoughts!

This weekend is the Prestwich carnival, one of the highlights of the year locally. There's lots to do in St Mary's Park all weekend, and particularly on Sunday, when I will be there along with my Councillor colleagues for a large part of the day. Rumour has it that several of us will be placed in stocks and "sponged" for charity - so if you have a burning desire to throw something at me, and wish to do it legally whilst raising money for a good cause, now's your chance! I only ope the weather holds and that I'm the only one getting soaked!



I've uploaded some videos from this year's Prestwich Carnival on to Google.

If you go onto googlevideo at

and search for Prestwich Carnival, you'll find a few videos of the day.

And a full report to come in the Prestwich and Whitefield Guide, of course.


Dale Haslam, Prestwich and Whitefield Guide.
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