Friday, June 29, 2007


New Glasses, same faces.

We'll be back on the leaflet trail in St Mary's this weekend, so hopefully the weather won't spoil the Focus party...

This will also be the last weekend when I will be out on the street looking like a hungover and washed-up rock star - I am finally getting rid of my glasses with the "Reactions" lenses that go dark the moment I step outside. They are a fine idea in theory, and I'm sure my retinas are screaming for them to be kept on, but frankly they make me look like a gangster, and this isn't the image I wish to put across. So I have taken advantage of the Specsavers summer offer of two glasses for the price of one, and will have a nice new normal pair by the middle of next week.

I am less than enchanted with Mr Brown's first Cabinet, I have to say. He asked if his members were ready for "the challenge of change" about three hundred times during his speech in Manchester on Sunday. I was listening to it on the radio, and thought that there was a problem with the autocue at one point, it got so repetitive. Unfortunately Mr Brown seems less up for the challenge than he makes out. "New" faces in the Cabinet include Jack Straw, who's been in it for 10 years in one guise or another, and Alistair Darling who steps in to fill Mr Brown's old job. In fact, there are 14 members of Tony Blair's government still around, and 9 have been promoted in the re-shuffle. Not that much change really then, is there?


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