Tuesday, June 05, 2007


STARs! And traffic lights...

Today I am spectacularly busy at work co-ordinating my organisation's STAR Awards short-listing day! The STAR Awards give Special Thanks And Recognition (geddit?!) to high-performers, and those who go the extra mile. I make sure the event happens properly, which is quite a task for someone not in any way experienced in organising awards ceremonies from start to finish... So today I have assembled a team of people to go through the nominations and shortlist them down to three per category, for our Strategic Management Team to whittle down to the winners next week. Then comes the fun of actually organising the day for 300 people...

This evening I am going to see a local resident who was concerned about traffic lights on Bury New Road. I helped him out, and now he wants to find out more about how he can help us out! So Cllr Vic D'Albert and I are heading over to see him and his girlfriend, and hopefully get him involved in the Lib Dems!


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