Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Taking care of casework

Yesterday I had the day off work, so took care of some case work instead! A local lady and her son have mobility difficulties, and wanted some help with their housing situation. At present their bedrooms are upstairs, and they have difficluty getting to them. I gave the Housing Placement people at the Council a ring and made enquirieis about a medical assessment which will hopefully ensure that they're placed towards the top of the priority list.

Also yesterday I had enquiries about the types of waste that can be put inside the new blue bins. It never ceases to amaze me how many different types of container and packaging there are which may or may not be suitable. I am no expert on materials science, but somebody somewhere needs to be because there's confusion! So I rang up environmental services who's line seems to be "if in doubt, bung it in the black bin," which isn't particularly helpful but at least gets rid of the confusion (if not the landfill mountain!). I must say that I too am a bit confused over what types of rubbish can go where - are envelopes OK to go in the paper recycling? What if they have plastic windows? What about plastic bottles with wrappers around them? The possibilities are endless...

And then yesterday I received a call from a Council tenant asking why I hadn't been at the latest tenants' group meeting. I had to say that it was because I had no idea that it was going on! But he told me he'd make it very clear to the organisers to let me know in future!

Today I am back at work, with a pile to do. So I'd best get on...


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