Friday, June 01, 2007


Wasted time - and wasted paper

The weather is gorgeous outside today - a sobering reminder of global climate change, but on the other hand, a cheery introduction to two days that will see lots of leafleting!

Tonight I may be forced to watch another England friendly- never a wise move, but it is Brazil, and it is at Late Wembley, so I may make an exception. Let's hope that the new stadium gives the game some atmosphere, not like friendlies over the last few years when all that can be heard between echoey long-balls has been a few hundred giggly school-children screaming at David Beckham at places like Portman Road.

And is it just me, or is it not the same now they have Russell Watson (or clone) singing the national anthem? What's wrong with the good old fashioned brass bands? Maybe I'm an old man when it comes to football, but these traditions seem to have died and been replaced with a present day version of the old "Sky Strikers" dancing girls from about 1993. Do away with the glitz and let's get back to old style football games. Maybe if we jettisoned the opera stars we might be able to reduce the ticket prices!

Over the weekend I'll continue to prepare for the Finance Scrutiny meeting on Wednesday, reading through the vaious reports that have come may way. It's amazing the amount of paperwork that lands on my doormat daily. As well as the weekly couriered Council mail that comes on a Wednesday, I get lots of other reports and invitations and pieces of information almost every day. Just think of the environmental benefits of emailing it all! Not to mention the reduced strain on my postman! Much of it is emailed AND posted, in fact, which is very odd, and utterly unnecessary.

I suspect there might be Councillors complaining should we move to all email distribution, but as supposed community leaders I think we have a responsibility to be as paper-free as possible. We are all grown adults, and if we don't know how to use email, we should learn. There really is an astonishing amount of wasted paper, ink and envelopes. At least three or four separate envelopes in each couriered big envelope, in fact! So I shall make some enquiries and see if I can cut down my own paper usage, and then move on to the Council as a whole!


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