Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Back to scrutiny

I am back in work today, although my back still feels asa though it is home to a pick-axe wielding fiend who is hacking away at me periodically.

Last night's scrutiny meeting was informative on a number of subjects. Our capital and revenue outturn reports were presented, and the financial position of the Council is healthy. Preliminary discussions on alternative ways of providing services were also presented to us, and these will grow into something more substantial as time goes on. I am now on a sub-committee looking in greater detail at some of the proposals, with colleagues from the other parties.

My abiding recollection of the meeting was one of horror though, when I realised that I would need to turn round for the presentations, and thus risk angering the back. Thankfully I managed to twist my body without awaking the demon within, and saw the presentation without passing out with agony. The situation was made all the better later on when I returned home via a friend's house, and borrowed her fluffy pink hot water bottle. I don't care how womanly this sounds, or makes me look, but it works, and that's all that counts!


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