Friday, July 13, 2007


Ealing tomorrow

Today I got in touch with housing officers from Bury Council as well as members of Salford City Council to discuss some of the things brought up at the Rainsough TRA meeting last night - the pavements and roads, the vacant shops on Chapel Road and the site of the Rainsough Brew pub amongst other things.

Up bright and early tomorrow morning to head down to London for the weekend and help out in the Ealing Southall by-election campaign. Less than a week now until polling day and things are really hotting up! Hopefully we'll see lots of Lib Dems down there willing to help out!

It's been a miserable day today. I don't think it has stopped raining for a moment. and now I am going to step out into the rain and head into Manchester to meet a friend. Hopefully the town centre remains above water...


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