Monday, July 23, 2007



I am injured. I am off work because the back trouble that had prevented me from turning around fully all of last week descended last night into near paralysis. It is like I am made of sheet metal all of a sudden, utterly unable to bend in any direction, and forced to move in robotic lurches whenever I want to go anywhere.

This morning's foray to the bathroom will live long in the memory. Unfortunately there was nobody there to see my performance, which was surely worthy of a spot at the Royal Variety Show. I was like a drunk, swaying out of control from wall to wall, and tumbling earthwards whenever my malfunctioning legs refused to do as they were told. When I'm back to full fettle I bet I won't be able to re-create it again.

I am worried that, at my age, I appear to have the spine of a 90 year old. It has come out of nowhere too - up until last week I was as fit as a fiddle, but now I can't get up out of my chair without a sizeable effort.

Tonight I will have to crawl to the car and drive to the town hall for the performance and resources scrutiny commission. Had I known what was around the corner for me, I may have asked some more probing questions at the last meeting when the topic of debate was adult disability services...


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