Monday, July 02, 2007


Rain rain rain

Yesterday I was soaked on a number of occasions whilst out leafleting. I apologise to any residents of Prestwich Hills who saw a stranger lurking by their front-doors at teat-time, but it was only me trying to shelter from the torrents that had arrived without warning. I thought I'd seize a rare break in the wentess to get all my leaflets out, but sadly God's incessant mocking continues and he decided to send a deluge down on my head.

I am out again tonight, and the fact that it's quite warm out means that I am reluctant to dress in my waterproofs (which are also cool air proof and render me hotter than the earth's core in minutes). Of course, as soon as I am spotted outside without waterproofs, monsoon season will begin again and I will return home looking like I've just gone ten rounds with Jaws.

Such are the joys of being a local Councillor in a wet part of the world, I suppose. It could be worse mind, we have escaped the flooding at least.

Tam told me today that she'd heard (on Key 103, Manchester's finest news source) that there'd only be "one rain free day all summer." I almost choked on my Vimto at this ludicrous piece of fake-meteorology, but then I thought it's probably a fairly good guess...


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