Thursday, July 12, 2007


Rainsough TRA tonight

I am going to the Rainsough Tenants and Reisdents Association tonight. During the election campaign and subsequent leafleting missions ot the area, the issues of crime and the state of some of the houses in Rainsough were at the top of the priority list for local people. So tonight will give us a chance to talk through the issues and see if any progress has been made. Often I think Rainsough is seen as a bit cut off from the rest of Prestwich, but I certainly think that it is a valuable part of our community, with a wonderful set of local people who were very enthusiastic and keen to improve their area when I met lots of them during the campaign. It is my ward's most deprived district, but meetings like tonight's help to move forward and improve the situation. If you want to come, the meeting is at 7pm at the scout hut on the corner of Kersal Road.


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