Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Responses to eating, not to my meeting

I find it interesting that I write about life as a local councillor pretty much every day for a year, and go months on end without a comment. Yet when I write about getting ripped off in restaurants I get three comments in the space of an hour! I think I have found the level of my readership! Ha ha...

Last night was an evening of meetings. First off was a very successful inaugural meeting of the Warwick Street and sherbourne Court TRA (Tenants and Residents Association). A committee was formed, and although I was proposed as Chair, it couldn't be a political appointment so I had to decline the offer. I did re-iterate my absolute support for this very worthy cause, regardless of politics, and I will be at as meny meetings as I can be helping this committee and the residents of the areas concerned make their home a better place. It was great to see four Council officers give up their evening as well to attend the meeting and offer support, so thank you very much indeed to them.

After that was the Bury Lib Dem Executive Committee meeting, an open meeting for all members of the Bury party to come and hear the latest news party-wise, and get updates on Council and regional activity that we've been involved in.

There is another meeting tonight - the first proper meeting of the Prestwich Local Area Partnership (or LAP, the replacement to Area Boards). This is a major step for Prestwich, bringing together the representatives of many community groups in a forum to discuss improvements to our area. The Councillors will be there, together with the police, health service, tenants representatives, youth representatives, the voluntary sector and other community groups. The meeting is open to everybody, and there is a public question time. Come along from 18.30 at Heaton Park Primary School on Cuckoo Lane.

And since my talk of meetings probably won't solicit a response, let me say this in conclusion - yesterday for the first time I filled up my Punto at a cost of over £40. FORTY POUNDS!! A damning indictment of Brown's Britain...


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