Wednesday, July 11, 2007


A small gesture to relieve the affordable housing crisis...

Gordon Brown has done away with centuries of tradition and announced his legislative programme for the coming year, rather than letting The Queen do it. And I applaud his decision to provide more affordable housing. For anyone interested in getting to the heart of the affordable housing crisis, please note that my own flat has been on the market for a while now at a more than reasonable price, and remains so! It is my gesture to achieving his vision.

This evening I am having a night off from wad and party work, and taking my mum out for a belated happy birthday meal at Yang Sing in Manchester. She was in Las Vegas on her actual birthday, but sadly didn't break the bank at the Bellagio, so I am still paying for our meal...

But before then, I have a number of bits of casework to attend to. Already today I have spoken to Council officers regarding blue bin provision and street cleaning on behalf of resident,s and I will be speaking to others later in the day to help more local people get the services they need.


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