Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Something and nothing

This evening it's the next meeting of Prestwich's Development Strategy Working Group, where ethe future of Prestwich centre is discussed. It's important that we seize the opportunities that are there for us in the near future, and really get going in improving Prestwich and making it a great place for everyone to live. So watch out for changes to the groups and some positive outcomes in the next few months.

Also tonight is the discussion of applications from community groups to join the Prestwich Local Area Partnership (the first meeting of which is next week!).

I am not personally involved in either of the two groups meeting tonight, but a number of my party colleagues are, so the best of luck to them! I myself am having a quiet evening with dinner, my Ian McEwan and an early night. The rock and roll lifestyle of your local Councillor reaches a new zenith...


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