Friday, July 20, 2007


Successful night

Well, despite my cross-country journey and sunshine leafleting at the weekend, we didn't quite manage to pip Labour to the seat in ealing Southall. But it was still a pretty impressive night for us there and in Sedgefield. Nigel Bakhai slashed the Labour majority in Ealing Southall to just 5,070 votes. The Tories, despite the personal intervention of David Cameron, trailed home in third, picking up 22% of the vote. Not especially surprising given their candidat's recent conversion to the cause. I wonder if his cheque to Labour has cleared yet...?

It wasn't much better for the Tories up north, where our candidate Greg Stone stormed into second place in the Sedgefield by-election with Labour seeing their majority slashed here too. The Tories slumped to third place on 13%, only just ahead of the BNP. We have doubled our share of the vote, which is fantastic when the other big parties styed pretty much the same or went down.

All of which leaves me feeling pretty confident as we move into the weekend. As well as leafleting this weekend to get the rest of the latest Focus out, we are going to be ringing round supporters and members to try to recruit some more willing helpers! There's no way that the party can further its current success in Bury without volunteer leafleters and the like, so we are going on a recruitment drive amongst the member-and-supporter-ship this weekend. And if anyone reading is interested in helping out in the future, please get in touch!


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