Monday, August 06, 2007


At home

I am working from home today, allowing me to get on with work without the distractions of a noisy office andf the phone ringing every thirty seconds. This afternoon was also supposed to be when Tam got back from her two weeks away, but unfortunately she is stuck on the M6 and has been in the Stafford area since about 13.00...

Her return can't come soon enough. In the two weeks she has been away I have regressed to the level of a caveman in terms of my domestic arrangements. I have taken the opportunity to live alone with gusto, and have foregone such things as fresh food and fresh air with alarming ease. You would think that a man of 26 would find it difficult to live with curtains closed for upwards of 10 days, but the resilience of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me...

I honestly fear that if her departure were to become permanent, my diet of darkened rooms and ready meals would render me utterly useless to the world in about three months. My brain would cease to function as a neurological agent of thought, and instead exist only as a Tesco Value Lasagne. Happily though, the regimen of working life means that I do occasionally venture outside, and have myself an apple, and so I am relatively cogent most of the time.

Today I have pressed the Council again for immediate action on the wall that has been knocked down in the Village, exposing an old cemetery that is of historic and archeological value. It borders a car park, but those doing the work appear to think that flimsy fencing is enough to stop people wandering into the site and doing as they please. It isn't. So I sent a very forceful email to the Director of Environmental Services yesterday, and this was followed up by a second email from Cllr O'Hanlon, and a telephone call from me, today. I am assured that the Planning Department will send someone down today to make the necessary security arrangements and ensure that nothing silly is done again.

I have also had a first look at a new version of blogging software which is going to be piloted by the Lib Dems, and which I may be migrating to in the near future. It has lots of exciting twiddly bits to it that means readers can link to unimaginably entertaining sites such as this. So watch this space in the future, because if a shiny new blog screen doesn't put me into the top 55 in Iain Dale's top 100 blogs, well I'm at a loss as to what would, frankly.


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