Sunday, August 05, 2007


Recess? What recess?

August is when the Council is on recess, allowing Members to concentrate on ward work and have a week or two off to go on holiday. Unfortunately the coming week is probably my busiest yet in terms of Council work. On Tuesday I have an appraisal with my Group leader. And on Thursday I am going to a meeting on Butterstile Lane which I suspect may be the inaugural meeting of a homewatch scheme there. In between those two meetings is the emergency meeting of the Council called by Labour to discuss the future of Radcliffe Riverside High School. So all in all it is not the start to the recess that I was expecting!

Still, at least the sun is shining today, giving me the ideal excuse not to watch the Charity Shield, and to go to the park for a nice walk instead. If I leave my phone at home and my leaflets in the car, nobody can find me there...


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